Crystal Beach Resort, Zambales: Is it Still Worth All That Hype?

Hi. I’m back!

Everything’s been going really well lately which I think, has a lot to do with getting used to just letting a lot of shit go and making
decisions based on what would bring me more peace, if you get what I mean.

This is probably my healthiest mental and emotional state (hahaha!) – considering that some issues (old and new) are still asking for my attention at the moment, but I think I’ve learned to just let things run their own course.

So there’s not much drama and reflection going on in this article, unlike the past ones. Which I’m not complaining about, to be honest, ‘cause that’s obviously how we want life to be. 🙂

Anyway, sidenote, I feel kind of bad for not getting through all the
messages from the Facebook page. I created that without a solid plan or system and I didn’t expect for me to actually be talking to people outside the blog so, I’ll work through that. I’ll try to be as detailed on every article to save
everyone’s time.

Plus, I still can’t construct a decent article regarding the whole
of my Thailand trip, so… I’m dodging that – yet again – by telling you about my recent beach trip to Crystal Beach Resort, San Narciso, Zambales.

It’s a place I’ve been wanting to go to since last year. There were a lot of almosts but the
plans never materialized. And I was okay with them not pushing through because last year, there was such hype about the place that I kept expecting for it to be overcrowded or worse, overrated.

But I was fortunately wrong, you guys! The hype is still real! *woot woot*

We went on a weekend and opted for an overnight stay. We tried to call in earlier that week to reserve a room but their whole month was
fully-booked. Still, the whole place is so spacious that it doesn’t feel
cramped at all. I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get a glimpse of their
rooms/huts though as I heard you can experience glamping here which I haven’t tried yet, but you can check out their website for photos and accommodation rates.

So here are the deets:

How to get there:

Make your way over to Victory Liner’s bus station in Cubao and get on the bus bound for Iba Zambales (via SCTEX). Our ticket was for the11am trip but got chance passenger seats for 9:00am, so it’s nice to be early. (P280)

It may be best to tell the ticketing person that you’ll get off at San Narciso as I think the fare is more expensive if they charge you for Iba.

Get off San Sebastian Church, San Narciso, Zambales.

Ride a tricycle straight to Crystal Beach Resort.
(P15/person. Up to 4 pax.)

Total: P295.00 from Cubao.

Time it took: around 4-5 hours. Easy-peasy.

Going back to MNL:

There may be an easier way I don’t know about but here’s how we did it:

Get on a trike going back to San Sebastian Church
(P15/person still)

Take a bus going back to Olongapo bus station. (P70)

From there, take a bus bound for Victory Liner’s Cubao Station. (P250? **I may update this once my travel buddy replies to correct me
‘cause I can’t – fortheloveofme
remember how much it was exactly but I think it’s around P250, so there.)

Total: Around P335

Time it took: around 5-6 hour I’d say. The route taken by the bus was longer… plus, traffic.

Roundtrip fare total:
Around P630.

Rates and Whatnot:

As per the resort’s site, the day
tour fee costs P195.

For an overnight stay like ours,
we paid P750 at the reception. This includes being allowed to pitch your own tent, buffet-style breakfast meal stub, and toiletries (soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and shampoo).

They’ve ran out of tents for us
to rent but no worries, because the locals around the resort (a lot of them,
you don’t even have to look far) offer tent rentals for P600 a night/good for 4
pax. There were 3 of us, so we split that to P200 each.

With the tent we borrowed, we
were told to just leave it at the resort after use and the owner will retrieve
it himself. No need to look for him to return the tent before leaving, so that
was easy.

Overall, for an overnight stay for 3 people, we paid a total of P950

By the way, there’s a corkage fee
of P50/bottle for alcoholic drinks.

I’m not sure if there’s a parking
fee, sorry. But I don’t think so. There are loads of areas where you can park
your car too. There were even cars parked at the campsite and still, the place doesn’t feel cramped.


You won’t go hungry at all as
they sell food and drinks inside and outside the

Dishes ranging from sandwiches to
full meals cost around P50 – P400 inside the resort.

We tried out the pizza (P300) and
fries (P50) while chilling by the beach and it was worth the price.

A bottle of San Mig Flavored beer
and a can of San Mig Light costs P70 each. If I remember correctly, a bottle of Smirnoff costs P90.

Always watch the sunset by the
beach with beer and food. Always. Or else, what are you even doing with your

There are carinderias outside the resort as well which are less expensive if
you want rice meals and if you want to bond with the locals.

I recommend you try the chicken
and pork siomai (P10/3 pieces), plus gulaman (P10), sold just outside the gate. Help ate out. Also, it’s delish.

There are sari-sari stores
outside the resort, if you ever need to buy anything. You can buy also
souvenirs easily.

What is there to do here?

The waves are meant for surfing.
If you are looking to float around the waters calmly (this person is me), this
is not the place to do it as the waves are raging. You also may want to keep a
close eye on your kids if you’re bringing them, as the waves can easily swallow them whole. But no worries, there’s a lifeguard on duty and they only allow everyone to swim in safe areas or else they’ll call you out, using their megaphones, for your own safety.

Anyway, back to surfing. It costs
P200 to rent out a board and learn how to surf with a one-on-one tutor. Yes,
the tutor comes with the package. You can’t opt to do it alone.

There’s also a place that offers
henna tattoos and massages (you have to book one at the reception area). I’m
not sure how much these costs.

At night, there’s bonfire and
acoustic music near the beach, so it’s the perfect ambiance to relax and
reflect, and get your feels on, if you’d like.

There are also obstacle courses
and playgrounds around the site, in case you get bored and want to run around. A volleyball tent also is readily available for those who want to play.

As I said, I came here to just
chill and I’m not the sporty type so I’m not sure if renting a volleyball costs
something. And I was so busy chillin’, I forgot to ask – sorry (but also not
that sorry, ‘cause I was happy being lazy on the sand.)

What Else:

You don’t have to worry
about bathrooms and shower rooms. It’s not crowded and it’s clean and there are several of them near the beach and camp sites, so wherever you are perched, there’s a nearby restroom/shower area for sure. No, you don’t have to pay to use it.

You may also charge inside the
restaurant, but if you don’t want to stay there just to look after your gadgets,
you may head over to reception and they’ll charge and look after it for you for P20 so that you can freely do your own thing. Don’t forget to keep the receipt, of course.

There’s WiFi, but only in the
reception area. Cell reception around the beach isn’t so bad though.

Pet friendly? Yes. But I read somewhere, while doing research that pets aren’t allowed inside the rooms.

I think that’s about it!

Overall, if you want a relaxing-but-not-boring kind of getaway, the kind that we all want, Crystal Beach has that for you.
They’ve got everything covered. It’s hassle-free and comfortable so that you
won’t have to stress over anything. Hence, a chill, worry-free, fun-under-the-sun kind of stay.

Kudos to the great staff keeping
this place awesome!

Chillin’ like a villain,




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