Passion Project: Wanderwall Writing Club

Writing isn’t always easy.

There are times when you just pick up a pen and the words just flow like a river. Then there are those sleepless nights where you’re itching to bleed ink on a page, but you’re stuck staring at a blank page or an empty screen with a blinking |.

Oftentimes, things don’t always go the way you mean for it to. That’s okay. That’s part of the process. The world tells you to always get it right the first time, well, here you get to try a second time.

A third.

A fourth, if that’s what’s necessary.

We created the Wanderwall Writing Club with the hopes that it helps you find something that makes you feel alive. Heck, that’s a bit much. Let’s start small, and juuuust maybe find something that makes you look twice.

And from there, wander.

See you!

– words by Jan (aka the boyfriend)

Are you a writer? Join us here. We’d love to read more of your work! 🌻