Midnight Cutie Milktea Run at Tokyo Bubble Tea, BGC

One night, I was scrolling through Google to look for cafes/restaurants around BGC for lunch (we work nights).

I came across a post regarding Tokyo Bubble Tea’s Sakura Unicorn Milkshake. And yes, I was intrigued by that name! Could you think of a sweeter, more pastel name than that?

I wanted to try it out so my friends and I headed over to 28th St where the nearest Tokyo Bubble Tea branch is.

Sadly, that night, they didn’t have the ice cream that the unicorn sakura tea needs (bummer), so I opted for the Taro Milktea with Egg Pudding instead. It tasted like marshmallows, eggnog, with a hint of cheese which I liked.

Not a fan of milktea in general, but this one works for me.

I’m not really a food blogger. So I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.


The food looked like the dishes you would see in anime series. There’s a wide range to choose from, too!

All the dishes we ordered are really tasty and of huge servings. It could definitely induce food coma afterwards. Haha.

I’d say a meal with drinks would range from Php300-500 per person.

They also sell cakes and pastries, by the way. A whole cake could cost you up to Php750 to Php900 while one slice is around Php150.

There’s a diverse selection of drinks. They not only have milktea, they also offer fruit juices and milkshakes. All are extremely aesthetically pleasing.

The milktea flavors are playful and definitely friendly to those who aren’t a fan of actual tea.


I probably have been eating at the same places for a long time because being there felt like a breath of fresh air. It just has a young, easy, dainty, vibe.

Even though it was midnight, the place was bright and airy, with a great view of the streets outside.

The touches of pastel pink made the place look a bit retro.

Great Points:

  • The place is open from 9am until 4am which is perfect for those sudden midnight cravings
  • The place is spacious with good lighting and view
  • Easily accesible
  • Reasonable price, wide range of dishes to select from, and good quality of food

Could be improved:

  • My friend asked if the dish has onions in it, and the staff at the time didn’t know. He then requested for onions to be removed if ever there were, and the staff acknowledged the request. Ending was there were onions in the dish… which weren’t removed. Dunno why that happened, and it’s not a big deal but to people who may be allergic to some ingredients, listening to requests, or knowing the ingredients, could be important.
  • I’m not sure why the images of the drinks on the menu don’t match the actual drinks served. Although still very aesthetically pleasing, just set your expectations that it may not look like what you think it will look like

Basic info:

Should I do more stories about food while I wait for my next adventure? Let me know how what you would like featured!

Always hungry,


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