Why You’ve Considered Moving to Baguio Once In Your Life

Baguio City has always been way up there on my list of things on earth that do not suck, and has always been a favorite and convenient location for a much needed retreat.

Every time I visit, there’s a tiny voice inside my head that asks “Why don’t you just move here?” and for a few minutes I actually consider this.

It seems plausible. I know I could get a job there and there are a lot of apartments for rent.

And then I get back to the city and wonder what it would have been like if I hadn’t taken the 4-hour bus ride back and if I had just stayed up there.

I know I’m not the only one.

Here are the reasons I came up with as to what makes Baguio so appealing:

1. #Mood

Baguio always reminds me of the town of Forks from Twilight. (#forest #pinetrees #vampires?)

It just gives off so much of that sleepy town vibe. Crisp mornings, lazy afternoons, bouts of fog – what’s not to love?

Granted, it could get a bit Silent Hill mode at night because of the fog and the shadows from the trees. But if you are into things spooky, then hey, another good thing!

Baguio actually made me embrace my quarter life crisis because the ambiance, especially since it was rainy that time, convinced me to stay inside a lot to just… chill (*quite literally*).

And I didn’ t even feel FOMO (a miracle!) because the view from our window – the forest and the mountains- made me want to stay inside. We stayed in the Monterazzas area where the houses look so quiant and cozy and the view is amazing. I took so many pictures of houses, to be honest.

That’s the beauty of this place. It makes you want to read a book (write a book even), paint, or just spend time with your loved ones. Time seems to move a little slower, and a lot of times, that’s all we need.

In Baguio, you suddenly somehow have time to leisurely enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea) and who isn’t down for that?

2. Affordable Good Food

This reason is honestly enough to convince me to stay here.

Tired of just chilling at your cozy Baguio home and admiring the view? Then grab yourself something to eat. Korean unli samgyupsal, 50’s Diner, Sizzling Plate, cafes, and a lot more. Whatever you are craving for is within your reach.

Checkout my Baguio food trip story here for more proof:


If I do someday stay in Baguio for a long time, I would make it my mission to try out all the restaurants. And not just the ones along Session Road.

Why does food taste so good here? What sorcery is that? Do we taste food better in cooler temperatures?

And so affordable! In the city, Php300 would get me a meal but it would usually be just okay. Here, I would happily spend Php300 because the food always makes me crave for more.

If I had Strawberry taho and Good Sheperd’s Ube everyday, I’d be a happy lady.

3. Culture and Art Scene

It’s obvious that Baguio also capitalizes on its tourists. Hence, it’s easy to see why preserving their culture may be important to them (among other reasons, of course).

Not convinced? Just head over to Mine’s View, take pictures with the horses and wear the native garb. Or visit the educational Tam-Awan Village.

A favorite hangout spot is the BenCab Museum. Visit, and you won’t just get art, you’d also get good food and strawberry shake from Cafe Sabel overlooking a breathaking, calming view.

4. Mt. Ulap

Walking around Baguio City already feels like a constant hike, but if you’re into actual hikes, Mt. Ulap isn’t far from reach.

Get yourself some Heidi of the Alps kind of experience. The view is otherworldly, trust me.

Read about our Mt. Ulap trip here for more proof!


5. Parks, Night Life, and the Market Scene

The moody atmosphere is brightened by an abundance of sunflowers (and various others) scattered around well-kept parks.

You could score great deals with clothes from a variety of thrift shops.

And the evening comes alive with night markets and the pub scene. It’s safe to say that even though Baguio is a sleepy town, the locals (or tourists) can enjoy some late night rendezvous.

6. New Experiences

Here are a list of things I haven’t tried yet and would love to: (a list within a list – a listception? lol)

  • Walk along the Cemetery of Negativity (yes, it does sound extremely interesting)
  • Try the Tree Top Adventure. This one is just beside the cemetery of negativity as well. It seems like its not as expensive as one would expect. Checkout this link for discounted prices
  • Pick strawberries at the strawberry farm

If you are into joining tours (having a tour guide to tell you interesting things about a certain spot is always a good option) instead of DIYs, checkout this KLOOK page for affordable tours.

Have you actually moved to Baguio or are you like me who could relate to the reasons above? Let me know!

Actually want to stay in Baguio for haunted places,