#TodaysThoughts: Life Sometimes Just Creeps Up On You

Today, I ate thai food that tasted so much like the ones I had in Thailand that it made me extremly nostalgic. (Had it at Just Thai in BGC! #notsponsored🍃)

It made me look back at that age when I was reckless and impulsive enough to go backpacking solo for a month on a different country, sleep on strangers’ couches, try to communicate in a foreign language, and have no idea what to do or where my feet would take me next.

It was a great time, for sure.

But I’m not gonna say it was better. I can’t say I was happier then.

Hanging out at a cafe on a Sunday with the love of my life a year and a half later may seem stable and boring compared to YOLO-ing in a different country, but I’d say life is weirdly better than before. Or maybe I got better, I don’t know.

What I’m trying to say, I guess, is that sometimes we may feel like the only way to be happy is to be constantly moving and YOLO-ing, but I’ve found that even when you do so, there is no guarantee. There is no formula to being happy. No set cure to mend a broken heart. No specific way to heal or find a soul.

Sometimes, your best life just creeps up on you – even when you’re just at home or in a coffee shop one lazy Sunday afternoon.

Make sure you’re there to see it happen. 🍃



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