Hello ♡

Niks Mendoza here, chief storyteller. Thanks for stopping by!

I created this blog two years ago as self therapy to overcome my fear of “showing people what I wrote”. I don’t know if there’s an actual word describing that fear but if you are a writer, you know that it’s very real.

It’s still a constant battle up to this day, but if this exercise has taught me anything, it’s that I control my story and how I wish to tell it. To me, this also means that I call the shots when it comes to my life and how I choose to live it.

And I choose to live constantly growing and learning the best way I know how: through ADVENTURES!

Adventures that don’t always go as planned, but I’d like to think that “what doesn’t kill you, makes up for a great story in the future.”

Hence, this is what this blog is about: As you try to get to know me through my writing, I hope my words would make you want start your own journey. I hope it would make you want to go on your own adventures, too!

Then, maybe one day as I’m having coffee, I would hear about YOUR stories. 🌻

I’m rooting for you.


If you’d like to connect to a community of encouraging and motivating writing group, checkout the Wanderwall Writing Club I had just launched through Facebook groups.

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