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It means that I get something, usually a form of commission, every time you purchase something from the services below, through my blog.

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KLOOK is a travel website dedicated to helping you discover activities, attractions, theme park tickets and more in cities around the world at discounted rates.

I personally use their services often. 💯

Airbnb offers you your home away from home with just one tap away!

Get Php 1,600 off your first booking of Php3,500 above through this link.

I prefer accommodations booked through Airbnb, especially for budget travels and for staycations, because you usually get to connect with the hosts, hence a more casual feel.

Hosts also are great at providing insider knowledge of the local life.🏝

SiteGround hosts A Letter to the Universe! If you are planning on putting up your own blog too, or if you are dissatisfied with your current host, I recommend SiteGround.

What sets them apart, for me, is their 24/7 customer support. I had to contact them a few times while tranferring the site from the old host, and they were great! They walked me through everything step by step – even though I took too much of their time. lol 💻