A Day of Disney Magic

I could feel my 6 year old self being proud of me as soon as I stepped off the Disneyland train and walked towards the arch and the fountain that welcomes everyone.

See, back then, plane tickets were expensive so travel, to me, looked like something only the richest of the rich folks could afford.

So even when, as a kid, I dreamed of going to Disneyland, I never really let myself believe it would come true. I mean, we’re not /that/ rich.

(We got our discounted Disneyland pass at KLOOK, by the way! Get your discounted tickets here.)

But times changed, seat sales became a thing, I grew up and got a job which luckily allows me to set aside some cash I could use to buy cheap airplane tickets, and – as per what Walt Disney would have you to believe- dreams did come true.

That guy also said that adults are only grown children and that’s what Disneyland allowed me to do… to be a child again, if only for a day.

To marvel at castles, to walk along paved streets while a marching band suddenly pops out of nowhere, to smell caramel popocorn in the air wherever you go, to go on rides. Go on rides some more. For real, go on rides some more. (Our unanimous favorites were the Magic Manor and It’s a Small World, so if you are planning to go to Disneyland too, we hope you don’t miss this!)

To go see Tarzan’s tree house and have a boat tour around his moat, to meet Iron Man and go save the city with him (The Ironman Experience is another must!), to meet the Toy Story gang (kids are around, so they are staying very still), to laugh at how adorable Winni the Pooh is, to meet princesses (Moana waved at me!), to watch the whole place light up at night, to see Mickey Mouse, and Donald, and Daisy, and Lightning McQueen, and so much more!

(Do not miss the night parade and show – most of the magic happens at night! So get a Times Guide and Map available as soon as you enter.)

I could only imagine how immersed children could get in this place, so for parents, I would highly recommend taking your kids here while they are still young, if you have the opportunity.

At the end of the day, I was tired but in a happy way, which is the kind of tired I could live with.

I could feel my 6 year old self beaming at me and being proud for being at the most magical place, at the happiest place, against all that came after.

It made me want to keep making her proud.

To more magical days even when we’re not at Disneyland,