I Hope You Keep On Writing

“All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.” -Ernest Hemingway

Two years ago, I created this blog as an act of self love. I liked to write. It’s something that is part of who I am. But…I was absolutely terrified to show people what I wrote.

It’s not even something I tell people about when the conversation of “So, what do you like doing on your free time?” comes up. I don’t casually say “Oh, I write a lot.” the way someone might say “I like music.” or “I make art.”

I even found it so difficult to say “I’m a writer.” the same way someone might say “I’m a lawyer.”

It was a constant battle. Honestly, it still is.

Not because I’m lazy. I do write a lot.
Not because I think it’s not good enough. Well, sometimes… but I actually think it’s one of the things that comes naturally to me and maybe the thing I’m best at.

I had to face and accept some hard truths in order to grow and one was that… I was scared of what others might say. That’s why pieces are getting written but they aren’t seeing the light of day.

The words on every piece is me being at my most vulnerable state. I always say that I write from my core because how else could I write?

Which is why there’s always a fear that people may not like it. Because that would mean, they also think that the raw, vulnerable me… well, sucks. And there’s always some sort of pain and rejection and failure associated with that.

But if I ever truly want to be able to claim that I am a writer, then I better… write. And share. Because that’s what words are supposed to do: be spoken. Be used to shape thoughts and sometimes, even shape who we are and how we look at life.

To me, there’s nothing more fascinating than a person who is unabashedly themselves anyway. And I want to be that kind of person. So what if they think I suck?

Hence, that’s why I write.

I write in the hopes of my words resonating with even just one of you.

Whether you’re here because of my travel posts, or my itineraries, or the pictures of beautiful places, or maybe you actually like my writing (thank you!), I hope I get to motivate you to do things you like to do, too.

I hope it gives you bravery, even just a bit (a spark is sometimes all that we need) to put into action what you’ve been putting off because you feel like it’s not important. If it matters to you, it’s important. What you are passionate about is important.

I hope it reminds you that there are wonderful places to see and fun things to do… if you just keep on living. If you just keep exploring. If you just keep on looking forward.

Like I said, it’s still a constant battle. You may find posts that are not on the site anymore. It means I deleted or hid them because I thought they were too personal or that they sucked. So, I don’t always win over the anxiety.

But most days, I am no longer inhibited. I tell myself to allow myself to exist. To allow myself to take up space. To allow myself to speak my truth.

So i hope you keep doing what you’re doing. Keep creating and sharing. You’ll never know who it may reach and that person may need that extra push of inspiration today. Or you may find yourself on the right avenue, the right audience, and the right path.

For a long time, this blog did not have a proper about me page. So here is something sort of like that, now that I know myself a bit more. Two years late but hey, growth is growth no matter what.