Baguio Food Crawl: All the Deliciousness We Ate!

From cafes, to Korean eat-all-you-can restaurants, to Filipino sinigang, Baguio seems to have everything our hearts (and growling stomachs) could ever crave for.

We spent a chill (literally) and intimate weekend with good friends, good food, and a lot of rest and relaxation.

I’m here to tell you about the food.

1. Good Taste

I’ve been to Baguio probably 3 or 4 times but unfortunately, I’ve not tried this restaurant until this weekend.

Good Taste has always made me curious. The past times I tried to dine here, the place was always too full of people (with almost an hour waiting time to be seated), which just made me more curious. What’s with all the hullaballoo?

We arrived late at night in Baguio and maybe since it was during off-hours, we were able to score seats immediately. It was 10pm, we just came from a 9-hr bus trip (due to darn road closures), but lo and behold, Good Taste is open 24 hrs!

Going in, it just seemed like a normal, huge, canteen. Their menu was filled with Filipino dishes, mostly good for sharing. Nothing fancy.

We ordered soup, chopseuy, sinigang na hipon, roasted chicken, and sweet and spicy chicken.

We were so tired and hungry from the bus ride, that when our orders were served, I didn’t have the energy to take decent photos.

After the meal though, I understood why this place was always filled to the brim with people. It’s a restaurant where people gather – either with friends or family. You just have to come here as a group. You share these huge portioned, delicious, meals. You take the time to eat, and talk to each other.

With my tummy feeling satisfied, I understood how Good Taste is aptly named.

Price range: P150-P250 per order. Good for 3-4 people. Definitely, not bad. Not bad at all.

Taste: Delish. Seriously. I personally recommend the sinigang na hipon.

PS. They also sell cakes, cupcakes, and cake slices for as low as P30 per slice. Even though it’s extremely affordable (chocolate mousse for P30? A slice at a cafe would cost you P100+), the taste would not disappoint you.

2. 50’s Diner

Now, this place, to me, is all about the nostalgia. When I first came to Baguio, doing all the tourist-y stuff, about 4 years ago, I fell inlove with the ambiance and food of 50’s Diner.

50’s Diner was cool before 50’s-themed restaurants became cool. True story.

This time, I learned that they also put up a branch along Session Rd, how convenient!

What can I say? 50’s Diner still does it for me. I love looking at photos of Hollywood stars on the walls – James Dean, Elvis Presley, Audrey Hepburn (such a beauty), Marilyn Monroe – how do they all look so classy!

I love the neon green and pink chairs, I love how the food is extremely affordable yet amazing (P150 – P300 a meal).

Don’t miss out on the shrimp and the milkshake (can’t decide between chocolate or strawberry, as these are both yummers).

3. Street Food at Mine’s View Park

Okay, these ones aren’t exclusively found at Mine’s View Park, but they can most definitely be found here in case you’d like to try them all in one-sitting like we did.

Nothing beats the classic strawberry taho, buttered corn, green mangos with bagoong, and inihaw na daing na pusit (grilled dried squid) while admiring the view, and appreciating the cold weather.

4. Unli Samgyupsal at Korean Palace

First off, this place is huge! (but homey) It has the same nostalgia being at my grandma’s house in the province brings.

It’s P399 for unli meat and sides, and yes it tastes amazing. I gorged myself with kimchi, and who isn’t down for unli samgyupsal? It allows you to take your time, eat as much as you want, and not have to pay more than what you expect.

They also allow you to try on traditional Korean clothing (because you know, you are in a palace) which is also fun to do.

*a rare photo of me and the babe to show you the costumes

The clothes are kinda worn out though – probably from the constant use. But since it seems to be part of their marketing strategy, I wish they’d maintain the clothes more (these are the Korean national clothing anyway) or replace the worn out ones when necessary.

PS. Don’t miss out on Korean Ice Cream.

5. Strawberry Shorcake at Vizco’s Restaurant

Vizco’s is not only a bakeshop (I heard that they also offer steaks, so letting you know how diverse they are), but their strawberry shortcake is probably the best and prettiest cake I’ve ever had.

It looks like the cakes you see in Japanese animes that makes you think how exquisite they are and how we can never be at par (alas, Vizco’s has done it). It has the right amount of sweetness, strawberry, and icing.

And I’ll leave it at that. We had such a short time and I would have wanted to try more cafes, Canto (IG friends have been recommending this), bulalo, and the House of Yogurt, but I guess I’ll just have to come back.

Postponing dieting again,


*adorable boyfie doing a finger heart?

Which ones should I totally come back for? What’s your go-to place when in Baguio? Let me know in the comments!